About us

About us

  • 35 years in the industry does offer superior skills and provides the foundations to mentor and promote all Secom employees. With a wealth of experience in the electrical industry, we commenced as an electrical company; Jewell and Buckley Pty Ltd in 1986.

  • Secom Technical Services Pty Ltd, operates internationally and across Australia to ensure our Clients can have dependable solutions for all their premises.

  • Our founding Directors, Ray Jewell and Steve Buckley partnered with Secom Co Ltd, to become Secom Technical Services Pty Ltd in 2007. Having pioneered the Japanese security industry 50 years ago, and always being Japan’s largest security company, SECOM now has operations in 13 countries and territories outside of Japan.

  • Being part of the Secom Group of companies and having international sales of more than $11b each year provides robust strength to our Secom Technical Services brand. Using our ISO 9001 Quality Assured business systems, we provide our Clients ‘Complete Peace of Mind’ in their security investment.

2020-2021 Organisational Objectives:

Our performance strategy is focused to ensure we support our Clients. We conduct monthly catchups with our employees to focus on achieving future objectives. Our performance results are intrinsically linked to our organisational objectives. We analyse measurable, achievable outcomes as they occur, to ensure the development and support of employees to deliver on our organisational objectives every day. Our current organisational objectives are:

Sustain existing customer base with
exceptional service delivered

Quote and deliver projects accurately and
efficiently and within budget every time

Advance our Secom culture by delivering on our
TECH Values

Our Directors

“Focused and effective teams deliver the vision”

Ken Seiler

Ken is focused on creating mechanisms and supportive systems enabling employees to achieve outstanding results for themselves and for Secom Clients. Ken brings over 20 years of industry experience and is consistently focused on improving business efficiencies to excel Client expectations.

Ken provides employees with sound structures to enable them to accomplish great outcomes every day. Ken’s craft is empowering employees to become their best professional self by tutoring and mentoring them
every day.

Chris Anlezark

With over 20 years in the industry, Chris provides a holistic perspective to employees and Clients, having fulfilled numerous operational roles and leadership positions, which has contributed to the overall growth of Secom Technical Services. Chris (being a Technician at heart), thrives on mentoring our Security Tech’s to deliver quality work and services to Clients every day.

Chris promotes his principals to all employees. Be proud of what you do every day. Be it, running a cable, terminating cabinets, analysing data, or programming a complex ICT systems. Own it and be proud.

“Our employees are what makes our business a success”